5 Reasons to Start a Tarot Journal

5 Reasons You Need to Start a Tarot Journal

Every Tarot reader bangs on about keeping a Tarot Journal, but what’s so great about it and why do you need to keep one?

5 Reasons you need to start a Tarot Journal!

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5 Reasons You Need to Start a Tarot Journal #tarotjournal #tarotromance

1. Keeping a tarot journal is the ONLY way to truly know the Tarot card meanings! 

Sure, you can look the meanings up in a book. You can even attempt to learn them all by heart by pinning them up on the wall, but the only way you’ll really ‘get’ the meanings of the cards – and have that understanding seared right into your brain – is to know how each card speaks to YOU.

Which is why you need to keep a tarot journal.

A special place where you can record your card of the day or card for ‘having the best day ever’ or however you like to do your daily (or nightly) draw…. (& every other kind of tarot reading) …So you can look back later and notice how those cards played out for YOU.

And I promise this journey will be full of ‘aha moments’. The books may tell you that the Queen of Swords is a perceptive quick-thinker who doesn’t suffer fools, but you’ll gain a much deeper knowledge of the Queen of Swords when you recognise her as the stony-faced traffic warden who gave you a ticket when you’d only just parked for a minute to calm down your screaming child.

Recording your readings in a tarot journal will give you a personal connection with your cards.

2. Your tarot journal will help you to trust your intuition.

Let’s say you pull the Nine of Swords as your card of the day. (Agggh!) And the book says that you’re suffering from depression or going through a grieving process.

But you intuitively feel that this card is telling you that you’re worrying irrationally about the medical exam you have coming up that day and that you need to put it out of your mind and focus on happy thoughts…

Which you do – and later on you sail through the examination and all is well.


Now maybe you’ll start to listen to your intuition over the books!

3. Your Tarot readings will become more interesting.

Now that you are recording your readings in your tarot journal and seeing how the cards are playing out in your life (whilst trusting in your intuitive hunches), you will go way beyond the traditional tarot card meanings and be able to apply the cards to every setting and circumstance.

And whether you read for yourself or others, your readings will be unique to you.

Not learnt from a book, but full of your own personal wisdom and vision obtained from having truly connected with your tarot cards.

4. Your tarot journal will help you find your style.

There are all kinds of tarot readers out there with varying perspectives, styles and ways of reading and interpreting the cards – and by using your tarot journal you’ll discover who YOU are as a reader.

Your tarot journal is not just for recording your daily ‘tarot draw’. It’s for recording everything! Record your tarot readings so you can go back later and really understand what the cards were telling you. *Depending on how many tarot readings you do, you might not want to record every single one, but if you’re still learning the craft I would record as many as possible.

And record all the tarot spreads you make up for yourself or the useful spreads you find online/in books plus the readings that you perform with them.

In this way, not only will you find out what types of spreads and readings work for you, but also what you enjoy – which is key.

Your tarot journal will help you decide what you like and don’t like. (Large spreads? Small spreads? Reversals?) And which avenues you’d like to further explore.

And if some aspect of tarot doesn’t fill you with joy, ditch it! There’s no point if it’s not fun.


(That applies to everything in life). 😍

5. You’ll feel more at one with the Universe!

Once you have been using your tarot journal for a while you will start to notice themes and repeating cards or numbers that have relevance to you – and as you get more in tune with this you’ll start to notice these same numbers and motifs everywhere.

The Universe/your inner being is always sending you blessings. And whether you resist or allow these blessings depends on where your vibration is (how happy you are) in any given moment, but the more you are tuning into your intuition the more open you’ll be to the synchronicities of the Universe – and the better you’ll get at decoding the signs.


Trust me. 😎


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5 Reasons to start a Tarot Journal


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