How to get positive Tarot readings ALL THE TIME!!!

How to get positive Tarot readings ALL THE TIME!!!

Ever pull a ‘Tarot card for the day‘?

I’m sure you have.

*NOTE: This missive on getting positive Tarot readings can be applied to all kinds of Tarot readings, but for the sake of brevity I’m using the example of pulling a card for the day.

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Get positive Tarot readings all the time

So, you know when you pull a card for the day (or week/hour/however it is you play with your Tarot cards) and receive something not-quite-so-awe-inspiring –
like maybe the Four of Cups?


… That leaves you less than thrilled to leap out of bed and greet the day?

Yeah, that.


Well, for eons I pulled my card of the day with the question:

“What can I expect today?”

Only to be rendered wobbly if I pulled something dispiriting like the Eight of Swords.


Even though I know there are both positive and negative aspects to every card and if I were 100% aligned with my inner being at all times, nothing would be capable of knocking me off my perch... 


Hey – newsflash – I’m (almost) human, so have my less-than-great days too.

However, I’m delighted to tell you I’ve discovered the easy-peasy solution to receiving positive Tarot readings all the time!

How so?

Change the question!

These days I don’t ask:

“What can I expect today?”

Instead, I fling back the bed-clothes and yodel:

“How can I have the BEST day today?”

And then if I pull a not so positive Tarot card such as the Nine of Swords…


…It’s no longer predicting my woeful day ahead, but simply a reminder to keep my mind OFF of what’s worrisome and to seek out positive aspects – whether they’re “real” or (if I have to stretch) in my imagination – by giving my attention to that which brings me happiness and peace. 

{Read more about wording Tarot questions here}.

Or in the case of the earlier Four of Cups, perhaps the cards are suggesting we seek out the gifts in all that surrounds us and be open to receive – you get the gist – use your intuition.  😉 

And yes.

You may call me Pollyanna. 

But isn’t that the point?

Whatever we focus on affects our emotions and therefore how we vibrate…

And in this attraction-based, vibrational universe, where we are always attracting that which has a similar ‘vibrational energy’ to whatever we’re focusing on…

I’d prefer to be attracting the good stuff!

If the purpose of this life is to consciously create JOY, (trust me it is) and Tarot cards are simply tools (trust me they are)

…then hooray!

Let’s consciously create some positive Tarot readings that keep us on our ever-joyful path.  😀 

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How to get positive Tarot readings all the time

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