What’s the most important aspect of a Tarot Reading?

What’s the most important aspect of a Tarot Reading?


Is the most important aspect of a Tarot reading the Spreads?


No.  The spreads are as important as the cards you use.  (Which are just bits of card with pictures on ’em).


Just like ‘the eye of newt and toe of frog’ favoured by the witches in Macbeth…


They are TOOLS to focus the mind.


Tools for your higher-self to speak to you.


That’s why some readers don’t use cards at all.

(Though I guess they would be Psychicsrather than Tarot Readers!)

Most important aspect of a Tarot Reading


And those of us who do use cards, well, we rather like the pictures.  They help us tune into our higher selves.

And are totally gorgeous tools!


But that’s ALL they are.  Tools.  The same as spreads.


And we all have our favourite spreads – perhaps traditional spreads, ones we’ve created ourselves, or ones we’ve made up on the fly to suit the question.


Just as some readers achieve better outcomes by using lots of cards and some of us get more direct results by limiting spreads to 4 or 5 positions.


But whatever spread we use is not important.


What is important?


I’m glad you asked.


The most important aspect of a Tarot reading is the question!

And if you want bang-on, uber-helpful answers to your questions, you need to be phrasing them right.  As Thomas Kuhn put it:


What's the most important aspect of a Tarot Reading?


The Tarot always answers your questions.  So the most important aspect of a Tarot reading is asking the right questions to dig up the answers you seek!


What’s a wrong question?


Good question. 😉


The main point to remember is:  Anything vague or general will likely bring a vague and general response.

And if you’re looking for an in-depth answer, I’d advise against yes/no questions.  However…


If you are simply seeking a speedy ‘yes or no’ answer and don’t need a full analysis of the situation, I can answer your YES/NO questions here!   😎  

What questions give deeper results?

The most important aspect of a Tarot Reading


Questions that are open and allow the cards to give more information… Such as things you may be unaware of/not seeing clearly or even forgetting about.

For example:

“Will my ex and I get back together?” Has a 50% chance of giving you the answer you want(!) But it’s unlikely to give you much info about your future. 


“What’s the likely outcome if my ex and I get back together?” – with each card in the spread focusing on different aspects of the situation – allows the Tarot to offer insight that will help you make the best decisions for you.


Personally, I will always help you to re-word your questions to get the best results. And if your question is about most important aspect of a Tarot Reading? you’re in luck…

As I’ve revealed the most common questions I get asked about love in this free e-book – Six Winning Tarot Spreads For Love – along with the questions I would ask instead…

PLUS, I’ve included the actual spreads that I use!

Annnnd it’s all gorgeous and colourful, too. 🙂

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5 Responses to What’s the most important aspect of a Tarot Reading?

  1. I agree with you. Question is very important. The more vague and unfocused the question is, the more vague and unfocused the reading will be. Sometimes people don;t really know what they want to know so they ask a vague question…and they expect their reader to figure out for them what they want to know. Tarot doesn’t work like that unfortunately. It’s beneficial toboth: the querent as well as the reader , to make sure the querent phrases his/her question as concretely as possible.

    • Hey Jonika, well said! It’s not useful (for either the querent or reader) to ask for a “general reading”! Spending time coming up with the right question is crucial if you want the reading to be illuminating and beneficial. 🙂

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