Do you have something original to say about Tarot,

Romance and/or the Law of Attraction?


Would you like the opportunity to guest post for Tarot Romance?

Maybe you have an unconventional way of reading Tarot cards for love…

Perhaps you have a new angle on relationships and the Law of Attraction…

Here is an opportunity to present your unique perspective, including your bio and links back to your website in a guest post for Tarot Romance!

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Guest post for Tarot Romance! 😎 Tarot Romance is now accepting guest posts!

Topics I will accept

Anything not previously covered on Tarot Romance (unless it has a new take on something that’s previously covered) with an interesting (or possibly shocking!) perspective about Tarot, Astrology or The Law of Attraction, preferably linked to the subject of love and relationships.

How to submit

Use the form below and include:

  • An original (not previously published anywhere online including your own website) and well-written, non-spammy post between 500 and 1,000 words in a Word document.
  • Your mini-bio.
  • A headshot.
  • Links to your website and (optional) newsletter list in your bio.
  • Relevant images. (Which may or may not be used at my discretion).


  • Keep the post lively and conversational, (not overly formal or using complex language) and show your personality. 😎
  • Keep paragraphs short. (2 – 3 sentences a paragraph, max).
  • Make sure the post has value for the reader.
  • Do not submit generic posts that can be found everywhere else, or reviews of decks, books or other products.


  • I will let you know if your post has been accepted within 2 weeks.
  • Not all posts will be accepted. I am looking for high-quality fun and original blogs that will be of value to my tribe.
  • If your post is accepted I will confirm the publishing date with you, which may be up to six months from submission as I schedule blogs way in advance!
  • I reserve the right to edit your final blog post or to ask you to make changes – including asking for additional details or images – before the blog is published.

Guest post for Tarot Romance!