“From the minute I connected with Ali I knew I was going to enjoy my tarot reading. She was fun, positive and answered my question thoroughly, with not only her knowledge of Tarot but with great intuitive insight, allowing me to clearly see the path ahead. I felt very comfortable with the decision I made based on her reading and not only would I recommend Ali to others, but I will definitely book a reading with her in the future.”

- Maria Deesy. New York.

“Words fail to describe the dedication, time and care that you took to give me a life-changing Tarot reading. It's clear a lot of thought went into what kind of spread would be appropriate - and the layout of the cards was beautiful and easy to understand.

This has been an incredible experience having a reading from you. It's not often you find a Tarot reader who is as caring. Not all readers are as willing to go outside the parameters and ask for additional feedback in order to enhance the experience and properly answer all aspects of the question.

I honestly feel mentally stronger after this reading and the additional feedback you put into it. There was obviously a lot of dedication, heart and insight that went into this undertaking and you have helped me immensely.”

- Kyle Trudel. Ontario, Canada.

"My reading with Alison was thoughtful, thorough, and presented with care and humour. She walked me through my situation, giving me plenty of food for thought as well as clarity and practical advice that I could act on right away. Going right to the heart of my issue, Alison gave me a ton of information, plus plenty of positive insight to some of the toughest cards. Fun, informative and empowering!"

- Elle Vevea, Colorado.

"Alison’s reading was clear and relatable as well as on point. She accurately identified my obstacle, and I felt empowered by her guidance. Her upbeat style is a definite plus. You will come away from your reading with a positive attitude regarding your query and the insight to forge ahead. I wholeheartedly recommend Alison and will absolutely return to her again!"

- Karen Jakubowski, Long Island, New York.

"I did not know which way to turn with a relationship issue that turned up unexpectedly, so I contacted Alison to see if I could get some clarity and obtain more in-depth insight into what to do. My tarot reading from Alison was like a light bulb moment, the reading was completely accurate and offered insight that has enabled me to make a more conscious decision in moving forwards.

Alison is very in tune, works professionally, is empathetic and works with care to help you through the wisdom of the cards. I would recommend Alison when you are in need of spiritual intervention and wanting clarity."

- Margaret Reynolds, London. UK.

"I'm totally impressed with the clarity and insight received in my tarot reading from Alison. I very much liked that in a deep and explicit manner, yet still down to earth and accessible, I had an exhaustive answer to my question.

The layout of the response is a precious tool for me to go back, look up and reference in the future, and a great help to keep me focused during the process of decision making and planning towards my objectives. Thanks to such an inspiring report, I now have the confidence to say that the path ahead looks bright and thrilling to embrace!"

- Julia Do Om, London. UK.

"I approached Alison for a tarot reading as I've been in two minds about moving house and was wanting to understand what is going on for me with reference to this subject.

Alison provided a customised spread which looked at different aspects of this desire and I found her reading to not only be very accurate and insightful, but it also helped me to gain some perspective as to why I'm feeling the way I am, as well as the options available to me.

Thanks Alison for a fantastic reading and I would highly recommend a reading with her if you are unsure about your direction and feeling a little lost."

- Donna Smith. Melbourne, Australia.

"Alison is so much fun to work with! She was enthusiastic about my question and her response was timely and incredibly insightful. She nailed my personality, particularly my tendency to wait until things are perfect before moving forward. And I loved her approach - each of the cards was clearly laid out and explained, along with personal insights. For anyone looking for a fun, engaging experience, I would highly recommend Alison."

- Jen Cartter, Texas.

"When I asked for advice things seemed pretty daunting and confused. I wanted some guidance about my career prospects and it all seemed way too much to process logically. As the tarot is more intuitive, I decided to try that. And the reading I got from Tarot Romance was outstanding… it reduced a complicated question into simple parts and gave me a clear idea of what to do next. Thanks Ali!"

- Martin Turay, London. UK.

“My Tarot reading with Ali came at a time when I was uncertain of my future and needed some words of encouragement to spur me on.

Even though it was by phone and overseas, I found it easy to relax and talk with Ali, who was friendly, positive and encouraging and gave me as much detail as possible - which helped me to get full benefit from the reading.

I had my fortune told a few years ago and a couple of Alison’s main predictions were remarkably similar.

Her Tarot reading was incredibly accurate as to who I am and where I’d like to go and the whole experience was extremely worthwhile and inspiring.”

- Jeanne Cousins, Ireland.

"Thank you. That was a gorgeous reading. I was going to say it resonates but it's more than that. What you wrote in the reading has already come into play. The reading is uncanny."

- Anon.

Praise for Tarot Romance

"I asked Ali a Yes/No question. She answered really quickly and I was amazed at the depth and insight of her answer.

It really struck a chord with what is going on and backed up what I think I already knew. Very impressed."

- Anon.


"I approached Tarot Romance as I was finding it hard to understand the situation I was in. Having met someone amazing and really wanting it to work, the relationship had started to fade out and short of stalking my boyfriend, I needed some direction and hope. Whether it was good or bad news, I wanted this insight to know what my next move should be.

The reading I received was so illuminating. As soon as I read the report I began to relax and understand what was going on and how I needed to approach the forthcoming period.

The tarot reading was so spot on I would highly recommend Ali and suggest if you are struggling to understand a situation / relationship and are willing to hear the truth, this is a powerful step to take."

- Orla O'Neill, Ireland.