These are the Tarot tools (decks/ books/ bags/ journals) and other resources that I currently use...

as well as a few gems from my Law of Attraction library. 😎

*Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning I receive a few pennies - at no cost to you - if you choose to purchase, but know that I only recommend products that I personally use and totally love!

Tarot tools … My top Tarot decks

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{Sadly The Glastonbury Tarot is no longer in print, so the link goes to the awesome guidebook}

My top {non-Tarot} decks

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My top deck video reviews

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Tarot tools … On my bookshelf

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Law of Attraction tools … On my bookshelf

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Tarot tools … My best Tarot Bags

{Just 4 of the many Tarot bags I currently own!}

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Tarot Tools - Tarot Bags

And here are two of the bags in action at the beach!

I attached straps – and zips! – to them so I could sling them over my shoulders and keep my hands free to read cards.  😛 

Tarot tools … My own {blank/lined} Tarot Journals

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Tarot tools - Tarot Journals

If you don’t like hard-backed journals,
I have spiral bound journals too. {With pockets!}

Tarot {& other} Journals I’m coveting

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*The only one of these I actually have is the Gratitude journal – probably ‘cuz I use my own journals – but I want them all!

The calendar I want for Christmas

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Tarot tools - Tarot calendar

The Tarot Greeting Cards I send most often

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Also available as postcards!

Not quite “tools” but I wear these Tarot T-shirts quite a lot

{Although the Nine of Pentacles now sports a white dress due to the Tarot card artist changing the design and I mutated the Death T-shirt myself because I’m weird – it doesn’t come with red sleeves, honest!}

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Tarot Tools - Tarot T-shirts

And of course, I’ve saved the best ’til last…

Click here for the Easy Peasy Way to learn the Tarot cards!

Tarot Tools - Easy way to learn the Tarot card meanings

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All your Tarot tools in one place!

Bestsellers in Tarot at Amazon (updated hourly) here!

My Astrology Tools here!

Tarot Tools