These are the Tarot tools (decks/ books/ bags/ journals) and other resources that I currently use...

as well as a few gems from my Law of Attraction library. 😎

*This page contains some affiliate links, which means I get a few cents - at no cost to you - should you choose to purchase, but I only ever recommend stuff that I personally use and love!

Tarot tools … My top Tarot decks

With so many awesome Tarot decks out there, the best advice is to pick a deck that you’re drawn to. (Because no, a Tarot deck doesn’t have to be a gift!) And these are the decks that speak to me. I’ve had other Tarot decks over the years, but these are the ones I currently own and absolutely love!

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{Sadly The Glastonbury Tarot is no longer in print, so the link goes to the awesome guidebook}

My best {non-Tarot} decks

Of course, not all decks of divination are Tarot decks! There are many Oracle and other decks available that make useful additions to your tarot tools – and as always, I suggest you choose a deck that calls to YOU.
These are the non-tarot decks that I currently like to play with:

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My favourite deck video reviews

My reviews of The Vanessa Tarot by Lynyrd Narciso and the Getting into the Vortex Relationship Cards by Esther & Jerry Hicks!

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Tarot tools … On my bookshelf

To truly receive the wisdom of the Tarot cards you must listen to and trust your inner voice. (Your intuition). But of all the Tarot tools out there it’s the books that will give you a solid foundation and confidence in your Tarot abilities – until you eventually let go of the books and fly with your intuition! These are the books I recommend and that currently sit on my bookshelf:

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Law of Attraction tools … On my bookshelf

If you’ve read my ‘about page‘ you will know I’m a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and that we are all vibrational beings with the power to manifest anything we want by becoming a vibrational match to our desires. And these are my absolute favourite Law of Attraction books that I refer to time and time again – the books I recommend if you want to truly understand the Law of Attraction and consciously create your life!

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Tarot tools … My best Tarot Bags

{Just 4 of the many Tarot bags that I currently own!}

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Tarot Tools - Tarot Bags

And here are two of the bags in action at the beach!

I attached straps – and zips! – to them so I could sling them over my shoulders and keep my hands free to read cards.  😛 

Tarot tools … My own Tarot Journals

These beautiful journals (of course I’m biased!) have wrap-around hardbacked covers with fully printed designs on front and back. Width: 13.2 cm. Height: 18.6 cm. 128 pages. Available in a selection of ruled, graph or blank pages.

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Tarot tools - Tarot Journals


And if you don’t like hard-backed journals,
I have spiral bound journals here! 120 pages. Available in a selection of ruled or graph pages. {With a handy document pocket inside the back cover!}

Tarot {& other} Journals I’m coveting

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*The only one of these I actually own is the Gratitude journal – probably ‘cuz I use my own journals – but I want them all!

The calendar I want for Christmas

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The Tarot Greeting Cards I send most often

Small Greeting Card 10cm X 15cm / Large Greeting Card 12.5cm X 19 cm. Each card comes with a kraft envelope for mailing or gifting.

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Also available as postcards here! (10cm X 15cm)

A few of my other Tarot tools

Where would we be without incense cone burners, dowsing pendulums, tarot cloths or crystal balls?!

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Not quite “tools” but I wear these Tarot T-shirts quite a lot

{Although the Nine of Pentacles now sports a white dress due to the Tarot card artist changing the design and I mutated the Death T-shirt myself because I’m weird – it doesn’t come with red sleeves, honest!}

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Tarot Tools - Tarot T-shirts

And of course, I’ve saved the best ’til last…

Click here for the Easy Peasy Way to learn the Tarot cards!

Tarot Tools - Easy way to learn the Tarot card meanings

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All your Tarot tools in one place!

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