Tarot Love Predictions!

Insanely Uplifting ‘in the vortex’ Tarot Love Predictions!

Welcome to your 

insanely uplifting

‘in the vortex’

Tarot Love Predictions!

Insanely Uplifting 'in the vortex' Tarot Love Predictions to manifest your Lover! Tarot Romance #love #predictions #tarot #astrology

Where I will be using the

‘Getting into the Vortex relationship cards’ by Esther & Jerry Hicks,

along with the Vanessa Tarot.

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Insanely Uplifting 'in the vortex' Tarot Love Predictions to manifest your Lover! Tarot Romance #love #predictions #tarot #astrology

If you’ve read my blog before, you probably know how much I love, love, love the Vanessa Tarot! 

(See my review here). 

And in this video, I mix the Vanessa Tarot with another deck that I adore, (but don’t get to use with clients as much as I’d like because it’s not really a Tarot or Oracle deck)

which is the deck of…

Getting into the Vortex Relationship Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks!

(See my review on Youtube here)


Here are links to both decks on Amazon UK…

Tarot Love Predictions!    Tarot Love Predictions!





{These are affiliate links, which means I receive a few pennies – at no cost to you – if you choose to purchase, but I only ever recommend products that I truly love} 🙂 

I will write a blog post about the Getting into the Vortex Cards soon because they are truly gorgeous,
but right now you can see them in action in these insanely uplifting (and evergreen) ‘Find Your Lover’… 

Tarot Love Predictions!

Pick a card…

* OOPS! When I say ‘he’ in the video, I mean ‘he OR she’! * 😀 


Cards (1) –  1:13                 

Cards (2) –  4:32                

Cards (3) –  7:41

Enjoy xx

By the way, you want to stay open and positive so as not to block the love that the Universe is sending your way!  Want help with that?  Here…

How to Be Happy. 

How To Reset your Vibration to attract everything you want!  😎 

And here are some WINNING Tarot spreads that bring RESULTS for love!


for LOVE

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