Review of the splendidly sassy Vanessa Tarot Deck

Review of the splendidly sassy Vanessa Tarot Deck

Welcome to my

Deck Review!

I love the

 Vanessa Tarot deck…

And I guess I want you to love it too, ha-ha.

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Vanessa Tarot Deck Review

Which is why I filmed this
Vanessa Tarot Deck


Vanessa Tarot deck review

*Notes on this video:

*The deck is by Lynyrd Narciso. (The name I couldn’t pronounce!)

*I made this video a while ago after only using the deck a handful of times and I notice I mention The Hierophant is a school teacher… When actually she’s a Sunday school teacher! That makes sense, right?

So, now you know why I love the Vanessa Tarot deck.

But in an effort to be a little less biased, I’ve attempted to come up with a list of pros and cons…. 

Pros of the Vanessa Tarot Deck

  1. The pictures are bright, funky and modern. 
  2. Will appeal to those who are young at heart, whatever their actual age. 
  3. Full of positive images that lift your spirits – great for readings at parties, festivals and bars as no one will get freaked out! 
  4. Comes in a gorgeous metal tin, so great for travel. 
  5. Perfect size for those with small hands. (9.5cm by 6cm). 
  6. An all-female deck, featuring strong, capable women. (Men only play supporting roles). 
  7. It’s multicultural. 
  8. Pays tribute to women of pop culture and includes many film, TV and comic book characters. 
  9. Cards have gorgeous purple backs with blue stars and vertical pinstripes. 
  10. Comes with a fabulous LWB (little white book) – now that I’ve found it! 

Cons of the Vanessa Tarot Deck

  1. The pictures may be too quirky and flippant for some. 
  2. This is not for those who prefer a ‘serious’ deck. 
  3. Not everyone will want such positive images on every single card. 
  4. It may be an all-female deck, but it’s not really feminist. 
  5. Maybe difficult to use for those with big hands. 
  6. It doesn’t mention in the LWB which cards are meant to be which characters/icons from pop culture. 
  7. There’s no heavy esoteric symbology. (For those that like that kinda thing). 
  8. ….Errr…that’s all the cons I can come up with! (I’ll add to this list if I think of some more).

If you wanna try the Vanessa Tarot Deck for yourself,

here’s a link to the deck on Amazon.

{It’s an affiliate link, which means I get a few cents – at no cost to you – should you purchase, but I only recommend products that I truly adore} 🙂 

Vanessa Tarot Deck Review

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