How to make a new plan and get happy!

How to make a new plan and get happy from your tuned-in Tarot Reader!

Is it time for a fresh start?

A radical new beginning?

Do you wanna make a new plan?

make a new plan, Stan

What will your new plan look like?

A fun job?  More money?  A fit body?  A fast car?  Travel?

A new love?

Why do you want this new plan?

Dumb question, I guess…

Because it will make you happier, right?

Right.  But…

Are you happy with your new plan, NOW?

I mean, are you excited about your fun job/ fit body/ travel plans/ new lover?


Or are you hating your current job/ wishing you hadn’t put on weight/ moaning that you can’t remember the last time you had a holiday and/or feeling lonely without a mate?

If it’s the latter…

You can’t get to your new plan from there!

Sorry to rile you, but you can’t get there, (to the things you want) from there. (Being displeased with current circumstances).

We are all vibrational beings and The Law of Attraction does what it says on the tin – attracts to us the people/ circumstances/ jobs/ and bodies that are an exact MATCH to how we are vibrating.

  Pin it! 

make a new plan and get happy!

What do I mean, vibrating?



The Universe doesn’t respond to our words so much as our thoughts & feelings. 

Spew as many affirmations as you like about how wealthy you are, but if you don’t truly FEEL rich…


…then your chattering mind will get in the way every time, telling you that you’re unworthy, or too lazy, or unlucky or fat or whatever…

And even though everything you’ve ever dreamed of is queued up for you on a vibrational level, you won’t be able to MATCH THE FREQUENCY of those vibrations, while your negative beliefs are putting up such resistance

{Until of course, you finally croak and truly DO let go!}

An unhappy journey never leads to a happy destination!

So how DO you vibrate at the same frequency as your new plan?

Think how the things that you want will make you FEEL.

This is, after all, why you want to make the new plan.

Because you believe you will FEEL happier, more contented, secure, at peace, joyful and alive once you’ve achieved the THING, right?

And as the catch 22 is, you cannot get to happiness from a feeling of lack, the only answer is to…

Time to make a new plan, Stan and get happy!

How will it FEEL to be in the relationship you want?

What emotions will you have?

Will you feel joyful?

Excited? Relaxed? Content? Proud? Safe? Easy?

Like dancing?


Then find ways to FEEL how it feels to have achieved your new plan NOW!


And yes, you can definitely visualise that you are already with your true love. You can even buy yourself flowers… And if this truly makes you bounce with joy and excited for the future, FANTASTIC – keep doing that!!

But, if your attention turns to the fact that they’re not here yet, or to what a sleazeball your ex was, or to how you’re not as young as you were and who the hell are you kidding… 

Then visualising will only serve to shoot you in the foot.  😯 

So in most cases, the answer is to…

Focus on ANYTHING that makes you happy!

Maybe that’s the flowers in the park…

Uplifting music…

Your pet…

The jumper you just bought…


Creating art…

Good food…

Spending time at the beach…

Laughing with friends…

Appreciating your ex…

Appreciating things you like about your body…

Learning how to get positive Tarot readings all the time(!)

Or ANYTHING at all that keeps you in a happy vibration!


The really simple, FAST way to release resistance/get out of your own way, is to meditate.

This is way easier than you may think, especially if you do it soon after you wake up (before your mind has had a chance to think any worrying thoughts).

Just fifteen minutes a day listening to the clock ticking or your breathing or the sound of the air conditioner – i.e not thinking – will ‘retune’ your vibration to that of your inner being and put you in the “receiving mode” of everything you want. 

The first manifestation is likely to be that you feel good. And the better you feel, the better you will feel, it’s just natural momentum…

How to make a new plan and get happy!

And once you are bobbing along on a happy vibe, you’ll start getting impulses from your inner being to perhaps:

Attend a certain event…

Engage in a particular activity…

Drive a different route home from work…

Take the day off and go to the movies…

Call or email that person…

And when you FOLLOW these impulses, your life will unfold in miraculous ways!

How do you know the impulses are from your inner being and not your (fearful) chattering mind?

They will feel joyful!

Not like hard work, or something you have to do, but FUN and something you are excited to do!

The answer to everything is to only focus on things that feel good and that you would like more of! (The reason I haven’t watched the news or read a newspaper in years).

And above all, PLAY!

Everything morphs to your opinion of it. (To your practiced expectation). So try not to focus on/complain about the things you don’t like, or to get involved in arguments or gossip.

Just walk away… Find something good to focus on and milk it!!

A happy life means feeling content on every step of the journey and…

The Law of Attraction ensures that happy journeys lead to happy destinations.

So please forget your resolutions and make just ONE intention:

That you will care about how you feel.  😀  

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