How to meditate – confessions of a Tarot Reader part two

How to meditate – confessions of a Tarot Reader part two

As promised in Confessions of a meditating Tarot reader part one, here is:

Your easy 5 point plan on how to meditate!

Confessions of a Tarot Reader part two. Your easy 5 point plan on how to meditate! Tarot Romance. #meditate #love #tarot #lawofattraction #abrahamhicks

Or at least how I meditate.  I’m not suggesting there’s only one way.  Or even a right or a wrong way.  Some people’s meditation is yoga.  Or running with their dog.  (That used to be my way actually – gotta get me a new dog!)  No, I’m not laying down the law about how to meditate, just describing the way I currently do it – that’s really easy and takes no time at all – ‘coz it may be useful to ya! Here we go…

1. Wake up! 

And immediately find five things (big or small) to be grateful for.  🙂 Do NOT allow yourself to focus on any problems from yesterday or your ‘to-do list’ for today.

2. Attend to your immediate needs.

Use the bathroom, have a cup of tea/fag – whatever.  😉

3. Sit (or lie) down to meditate.

This is way easier to accomplish first thing in the morning before you have any chatter in your brain and are still relatively resistance free. (I explain about letting go of resistance here).


Allow yourself 20 – 30 minutes to meditate – somewhere comfortable where you won’t be disturbed. (Set a timer if you need to).

And close your eyes. I personally wear an eye mask, but this is optional!


4. Listen for a sound in the room that you can focus on.

Something boring and monotonous, such as a clock ticking (my personal favourite) or the air conditioning or the ringing in your ears – or simply concentrate on your breathing.

If you haven’t anything that works for you, try using a radio and setting it between stations so that it emits white noise!

Seriously, it’s so much easier to meditate if your brain has something to focus on/to do. The trick is to give it something that isn’t so interesting that it will start thinking about it!

Now focus ONLY on that noise (or your breathing) for at least 10 minutes. (It will probably take a little while for your thoughts to settle down at first, which is why I recommend allowing 20 – 30 minutes – but you really only need to meditate for 10!) 

That’s it! That’s how to meditate!

Although at first, this probably won’t come easy, which is why I’ve added step five…

5. When thoughts come into your mind, brush them away and focus back on the clock.

(Or whatever). 

Most of us have spent a lifetime listening to the constant chatter in our heads, so until we train ourselves into a new habit (of not thinking!) the path of least resistance will be to pay attention to the chatter and for our minds to veer off on tangents.

And sounds from outside – traffic, voices, roadworks, lawn-mowers, wildlife, aeroplanes – may creep in. This happens to me all the time and I used to find it distracting, but now I view it as a game and welcome outside noise as an opportunity to focus stronger!

There are no rules about how to meditate and you will eventually find a way that works for you, but here are a few other tricks I use to stay focused on the ticking of a clock:

Counting the clock ticking 1-10 and then starting over. 

Seeing the numbers 1-10 in bright neon in my head as I count.

Watching the dots behind my eyes turn into patterns of light.

Imagining I am falling into the sounds of the clock. (Yes, I’ve done way too many drugs in the past, ha-ha).

Experiment to see what works and most importantly, do not beat yourself up if you find this difficult!  It’s hard for everyone at first.  But if a hyperactive nutbar like myself can eventually manage it, anyone can.  😛

I actually started learning how to meditate by using this guided meditation CD and book by Abraham Hicks that I was lucky enough to be gifted on an Abraham Hicks cruise:

Tarot Card Readings by Tarot Romance

Which was an enormous help in the beginning, but the real magic started when I moved on to listening to the ticking of a clock!

Just keep practising every day and I promise you it will get easier.  So much so, that soon you will wake up looking forward to meditating!

This is truly the ONLY work you need to do to put yourself in the receiving mode of everything you’ve ever wanted.


{And it only takes 10 – 20 minutes a day!}

Wanna know how I make this 100 times more powerful?

You guessed it – I use my Tarot cards!

When you come out of meditating, shuffle your cards, ask yourself an open question such as:

“How can I have the best day today?” And pull a card!

I have a whole blog post on this process here.  😎

Not sure how to interpret the cards?

I hear you! That’s why I wrote Easy Peasy Tarot Card Meanings!

A lively, modern, user-friendly handbook that makes reading the Tarot cards effortless.

You can find out more and buy your copy HERE.  
Learn Tarot!

So what will you get from discovering how to meditate?

Apart from feeling wonderful?  The world!  By letting go of your chattering mind for a few minutes every day, you release the resistance of worrying thoughts and come into alignment with your inner being (your source) – which allows your vibration to naturally rise to who you really are – and your life will improve dramatically!
(Because we are constantly attracting the events/people/circumstances that are an exact match to how we are vibrating!)

More details about the benefits of meditating and raising your vibration here: How to make a new plan and get happy.

Good luck!

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