The secret of being happy!

The secret of being happy!

The secret of being happy is being happy.

I was talking on the phone to a friend recently and found myself saying: “You know, the secret of being happy, is being happy”.  To which my friend responded with silence.  Followed by: “That’s profound, I need to write that down”.

She was being sarcastic, but the truth is I mean it! The secret of being happy is being happy!

But I can see how some folks think I’m weird.  😀 

And as someone into the teachings of Abraham(a group of non-physical entities channelled by Esther Hicks) and also someone lucky enough to have attended an Abraham Hicks cruise in the Caribbean, I truly know that the secret to LIFE (to having everything that you want) is being happy!

The Law of Attraction IS a law – like gravity.

Like-vibrations attract like-vibrations.  Which is why when you get ‘out of the wrong side of bed’ as the saying goes, your day will usually get worse. (Unless you discipline yourself to purposely ignore what’s bugging you and manage to turn your attention to thoughts that feel good).

The reason you want anything that you desire (job, relationship, lottery winnings, travel) is that you believe you will be happier once you have it.  So as everything is energy, what you need to do is consciously match the frequency (vibration) of the reality that you want and it cannot help but be attracted to you!

Which basically means being happy.  Thinking thoughts that feel good.  As if you already had what you desired.

Not that you need to visualise or even think about what you want. The trouble with this approach is that we humans often get in our own way by noticing that we haven’t got what we want yet and then turning our attention to our problems and how to “fix them”.  And if we want something really badly, we often shut down the manifestation process altogether just by worrying about the details of “how, what and when?” (Which doesn’t put us in the chilled-out vibration of being happy!) 

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Everything that you want is already in your vibrational vortex.

You don’t need to keep your attention focused on what you want. (Unless thinking those thoughts keeps you in a consistent state of joy without resistance).  Because your inner being already knows every single detail of what you want. You’ve been putting it in your vibrational Vortex your entire life every time you’ve wished for something different.  So ALL you have to do now is match the vibration of what you want by chilling out and finding something to focus on that keeps you happy – thus allowing the Universe to take care of it!  Not that I’m pretending I’ve got this completely sussed yet, although I have become damn good at manifesting free holidays.  😎 

Want a more detailed explanation? I discuss exactly how to reset your vibration to attract whatever you desire, over here!

The really simple, easy-peasy way to align with your true, happy self is to meditate for 20 minutes every day.

This is how I do it.  😀 

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Wishing you happiness! 

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