How to Manifest a Lover with the Tarot – guest post

How to Manifest a Lover with the Tarot – guest post

Ever wondered how the Tarot cards could improve your love life?

Or bring about the lover of your dreams?

Well, today, professional Tarot reader and master-manifester, Cynthia Lovejoy from Tarot & Witchcraft, shares how you can use your Tarot cards to manifest a lover!

Over to you, Cynthia…

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How to manifest a lover with the tarot

You already know that tarot cards are powerful tools in the right hands.

You can use them for personal development, to make sense of a situation, to give you a sneak peek at what’s in store for you; the list goes on and on…

But did you know you can use the tarot to manifest a lover?

You can!


Simply add some cards to your vision board. 😎

What Tarot cards should I use to manifest a lover?

That depends on the kind of relationship you want.

Obviously, cards like the Two of Cups and The Lovers spring to mind immediately, and they are great choices. 

But dig a little deeper.  

Do you want a smooth talker? A silver-tongued devil?  Maybe the Magician is the one you’re looking for.  

Like traditional men? Consider The Emperor.

But this isn’t limited to the Major Arcana.  Take a look at the court cards.

The King of Cups is the kind of guy who is in touch with his feelings and never emotionally unavailable.

Or perhaps you want someone financially well-off like the King of Pentacles.

Do you want someone with whom you feel at home? Consider the Six of Cups.

Or perhaps you’re looking for passion… Then the Ace of Wands is an excellent choice!

Creating a vision board to manifest a lover

A lot of people use vision boards to manifest. 

It’s a way to focus your energy and intention on your goals.

You can go the paper route by getting some poster board, magazines and art supplies. Then simply put your board together.

Next, select two or three Tarot cards to add to your design. You might want to use something that won’t damage the cards like masking tape or paper clips. (Or simply use an old deck!)

What if I’m not crafty?

Consider building a digital vision board instead.

Pinterest is a wonderful place to find images of tarot cards, couples, quotes, and other useful images you can place on a secret board.

Visualizing to manifest a lover

Once you’ve built your vision board, it’s time to use it! 

Hold the board (or your phone with Pinterest pulled up) in your hands and concentrate on your ideal partner. 

Imagine meeting him or her. Make this a daily ritual and put some energy and intention behind it…

What would he or she look like? What is your love interest wearing?

Where are the two of you? At a nice restaurant having dinner? At the beach? Maybe you are simply talking over coffee.

Use all of your senses when you are visualizing. Make it real.

Then build visualizing into your daily routine by spending a few minutes every day focusing on your board.

What’s next?

I’ve found that when I’m manifesting something the universe will send me little clues and tips.

Maybe you keep seeing a dating app online. Or you notice a flyer for a local club you might want to join. Or your friend could be pushing you to attend a party with her.

…Pay attention to these little nudges and take some action.

You never know who you might meet!

What tarot cards are you considering using for your board?

Let me know in the comments!


How to manifest a lover with the tarotCynthia Lovejoy is a witch, tarot card reader, and manifesting maven. She’s never met a cup of coffee or a cat she didn’t like. You can find out more at her blog.

And check out her free ‘Manifesting For Beginners’ email course here! 

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How to manifest a lover with the tarot

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