Super-useful, easy-peasy, three-card Tarot Spreads for Love!

Super-useful, easy-peasy, three-card Tarot Spreads for Love!

Looking for EASY Tarot spreads for love?  As in simple spreads that are quick to set up and give crystal clear results?

If the Tarot spreads you find online often give you a headache, you’re not alone.  Flamboyant Tarot spreads can make the process confusing.  But you don’t need to perform the Celtic Cross or other complicated spreads to get an in-depth Tarot reading. 

Simple spreads will quickly zone into the heart of the matter and often give you way more clarity than readings using ten or twenty cards.

(Although there’s nothing to stop you following up your three-card reading with a mammoth spread after an “aha moment” if you feel inclined to try and squeeze out more juice!)

And if your three-card spreads don’t quite give you the clarity that you seek?  Well, you can always pull an extra card to clarify the meanings of any of the cards you pulled. 

Because the truth is, I regularly get the best (and deepest) results when I restrict my spreads to just three or four cards. 

And to prove my point I now present four super-useful three-card Tarot spreads for love…


Easy peasy, super-useful Tarot spreads for love!

1. ‘Looking for love’ Tarot spread.

I would say 70% of my clients come for a reading when they are looking for love.  And although I haven’t used the spread below for a Tarot reading with a client yet – as I tend to create unique spreads for client’s specific situations – I have used this spread for fun with friends and had some eye-opening results.  😀 

This is a ridiculously easy spread to use if you’re looking for love. And it’s especially useful if you have joined a dating site.  For example: “How do people on ‘name-of-dating-site’ view me?”  Because if the answers aren’t quite what you’d hoped, it will give you some excellent clues as to how you can tweak your profile! 

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Super Useful Tarot Spreads for Love by Tarot Romance! Looking for love, Met Somebody New, Relationship Potential or Unhappy Romance. #love #tarot #tarotspreads

2. ‘Met someone new’ Tarot spreads for love.

Have you recently met someone new and are currently enjoying (or suffering!) the early stages of dating?
If so, this is an uber-useful Tarot spread for those heady days of a new romance as it reveals how the other person is feeling and where the relationship’s headed!

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Super Useful Tarot Spreads for Love by Tarot Romance! Looking for love, Met Somebody New, Relationship Potential or Unhappy Romance. #love #tarot #tarotspreads #relationships #astrology

3. ‘Relationship potential’ Tarot spreads for love.

Here’s another simple spread that will give you an insight into the attitudes and expectations you and your partner are bringing to your relationship. As well as what the future is likely to bring. (Whether you’ve been dating a few weeks, months or years!)

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Super Useful Tarot Spreads for Love by Tarot Romance! Looking for love, Met Somebody New, Relationship Potential or Unhappy Romance. #love #tarot #tarotspreads #relationships #astrology

4. ‘Troubled relationship’ Tarot spread.

Did the previous Tarot spread/s bring disappointing results? Or are you in an unhappy relationship? If so, this easy-peasy Tarot spread deals with blockages in relationships and could help you get to the core of your issue/s and help you find relief…

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Super Useful Tarot Spreads for Love by Tarot Romance! Looking for love, Met Somebody New, Relationship Potential or Unhappy Romance. #love #tarot #tarotspreads #relationships #astrology*Note: If you suspect you’re in a toxic relationship, here is a good article (& 5-card Tarot spread) by Lisa Frideborg that may help.

Things to be aware of:

Notice if the Tarot cards are mostly major or minor cards in your readings.  Because cards 1-10 from the minor arcana (pip cards) tend to talk about life’s details and where you are focusing your attention – and cards from the major arcana (Trump cards) often indicate huge life-changing themes and events. 

Court cards in a love reading could be describing you or your partner, your future partner – or even multiple new connections. 🙂  Or they could point to other people offering their assistance. (Wanted or unwanted!) 

Also, take note of the suits. When performing a Tarot reading for love, you’re hoping for cards from the suit of cups (emotions and relationships) to show up. Closely followed by the suit of Wands. (Passion, energy and hot sex!) 

The suit of Pentacles (finances and the material world) can show stability and how you are supported in your relationships.  But if your Tarot reading for love displays lots of cards from the suit of swords, (struggle and conflict) I’m sorry to say that the outlook doesn’t look great. 😐 

Want more Tarot spreads for love?

Do you have questions about love that aren’t addressed here?

Perhaps you’re wondering about your ex?

Suspect your lover’s cheating?

Or lying about…(insert issue here)…? 

Well then, I got you covered!


4-card Tarot spreads for love 

that always bring results!

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WINNING Tarot spreads for love!

And if you’d prefer me to read the Tarot cards for you, you can get an email Tarot reading for love here! 

“I did not know which way to turn with a relationship issue that turned up unexpectedly, so I contacted Alison to see if I could get some clarity and obtain more in-depth insight into what to do.

My tarot reading with Alison was like a light bulb moment. The reading was completely accurate and offered insight that has enabled me to make a more conscious decision moving forwards.

Alison is very in tune and empathetic and works with care to help you through the wisdom of the cards.  I would recommend Ali when you are in need of spiritual intervention and wanting clarity.”

PRAISE FOR TAROT ROMANCE - readings for love

Margaret Reynolds, London, UK.

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