How to let go and trust your tarot cards

How to let go and trust your tarot cards

Sometimes I’m conflicted by the fact that I read cards.

‘Cuz nothing is pre-destined!

Everything is created by your current vibration.

Which means how you are feeling and what you are putting your attention on IN THIS MOMENT is literally creating your tomorrow.

This is an attraction-based universe and we are simply magnets – attracting the things/people/money and circumstances that are a match to our vibration. (The energy we are ‘putting out’).

How to let go

And these days when I read the cards I’m often tuning to the vibration of the answers as someone is asking the question – and then the cards I pull confirm it.

…So maybe I don’t need my tarot cards at all!

Only joking, I love my cards, they’re my crutch, I mean my tools, ahem. 😛

Although it wasn’t always like this.

Before I learnt how to let go I used to worry about being right or wrong or getting the “correct” meaning or even if I could trust my intuition…

But over time the cards have proved so accurate again and again (it still amazes me) that eventually I learnt to trust and have faith.

And I think that’s the key.

Trust. Faith.

Getting out of your own way.

Learning how to let go.

That’s great, Ali, but how? How did you learn to let go?

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How to let go and trust your tarot cards

Well, this confidence and faith in my readings took a bit of time, so number one is practice!


Use your cards for everything:



Pick a card for the day:

How to get-positive-tarot-readings-all-the-time


Link the court cards to the people in your life:



Document everything in your journal:



And practice, practice, practice!

Remember the cards are simply tools.

A way into your intuition – your inner-being – the hidden realm where ALL knowledge is available.

Just like crystal balls, pendulums and runes, they are tools that after a while you realise aren’t strictly necessary, but give you the grounding of something to hold/touch/look at in the physical world so you can let go and allow your intuition to soar!

And number two is to meditate.

Every day.

Discipline yourself to focus on the clock ticking or the tap dripping or the air-con for 15 minutes a day and stop your thoughts – here’s how.


This will get you out of your own way and into the receiving mode so you will be able to let go and allow your inner being to run the show!

Then follow your impulses.

Listen to your intuition.



One day you may not need tarot cards at all. 😀

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