3 Spells to Attract & Keep Love

Spells For Love – 3 spells to attract and keep love!

Years ago I decided to promote my services by leaving glossy flyers in coffee shops with the headline: ‘Fancy a Tarot reading with your coffee?’ I always asked the manager’s permission, but was shocked at some of the hostile responses…

I was even picked up and forcibly removed from one place!

Are Tarot cards evil? The work of the Devil?  Personally, I think they’re just bits of card with pictures on ‘em.  As well as lightning-quick tools with which to tune into your higher-self. 😎 

Although it appears some folk associate them with witchcraft.  But is witchcraft bad?  I guess that depends on your take on modern witchcraft!  I don’t see myself as a particularly ‘witchy’ Tarot reader, but I do also play with the Runes, Lenormand and a pendulum – and have had some success with spell-casting. (Which IMO is just another cool way to focus the mind).

So to hell with the fear mongers. Today I’m ditching the cards to celebrate all things witchy with some spells for love. 😍  {And I promise you they’re not dangerous!}

🧛‍♀️ Spells For Love 💖

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spells for love

 BTW Venus is the planet that rules love. So you can strengthen your spells for love by casting them on a Friday, which is governed by Venus! 

NOTE: I can’t take the credit for these spells – and neither can I give credit, unfortunately – as I honestly can’t remember where I found them!

Spells for love 1 – to attract love 

You will need:

A pink candle, an apple, a red rose, a white rose, two vases of water and a length of red ribbon.

Light the candle and place it on the table/alter where you are casting your spell.

Cut the apple in half.

Place the two roses in vases of water, on each side of the apple halves.

Look into the candle flame.

Mentally direct the candlelight to either: (1) Someone you love and whom you wish would draw closer to you, or (2) if you have nobody special in mind, ask out loud that the person intended for you soon makes an appearance in your life.

Say: “May the love I wish for now come true.”

Take the red ribbon and tie the apple halves together.

Place the two roses in one vase, to represent a lovers’ meeting.

Snuff out the candle.

Bury the apple in your garden, a park, open land or a wood.

When the roses fade, bury them together.

Within the moon cycle of 28 days, love should bloom. 🙂


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Spells for love 2 – to make love stay

You will need:

A pair of twisted carrots or some other root vegetable that looks like two people embracing. If you can’t find carrots or other vegetables of a suitable shape, you can tie two carrots together with silver or grey thread.

Give one carrot your name and the other carrot the name of the one you desire.

Immerse them in a tall glass of water and freshen the water daily.

When water bubbles form on the carrots and begin to rise to the water’s surface, remove the carrots.

Prepare and cook the edible part and include them in a meal that you will preferably share with your loved one. 🙂 

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Spells for love 3 – for eternal love

You will need:

A red candle, plus some of your lovers combed-out hair, threads of clothing or handwriting. You will also need some of your own.

Light a red candle at midnight.

Burn your lover’s items and yours together, in a hearth fire or on a metal baking tray placed in the oven.

As they ignite, say:

“His love for me is consummated eternally by the flame of love.”

Snuff out the candle. 🙂 

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PLEASE NOTE: The “ritual” aspect of spell-casting is designed to focus your mind because the magic sauce for your spells for love to work will be your intentions & expectations! 

You always get what you think about, so don’t introduce resistance by worrying that your spells for love might fail.  Instead, give them the very best chance and…

Get excited about the up-coming positive outcome!

Good luck!




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