How to Have Your Best Year Yet + New Year Tarot Predictions!

How to Have Your Best Year Yet


Welcome to your
best year yet!


New Year Tarot prediction videos for all zodiac signs are below.

But as I was preparing to film these videos, it occurred to me that it’s not only at the beginning of the calendar year that it’s a ‘new year’ is it?  I mean, it’s your new year on your birthday – or when the Sun moves into your first house (your rising sign) – or when you have any other new start, such as a new job, house or husband(!)

So with that in mind, I’ve created a Tarot spread you can use for any “new year”…

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Tarot Predictions for all Sun signs 2019 by Tarot Romance


And here’s the same spread, but laid out in a simple fashion to make it easier to use.
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 How to have your best year yet 

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Tarot Predictions 2019 by Tarot Romance


And if you’d like a printable copy so you can make every new beginning your best year yet – here’s the same spread in a handy pdf!

Now, without further ado, here are your ‘best year yet’ Tarot forecasts grouped into four videos of the astrological elements: Fire, earth, air and water.

Click your element to view the video for your Sun sign. (Time-stamped).  And if that fails to resonate, watch the video for your Rising Sign too.  😎


New Year Tarot Predictions!





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