Is my lover coming back?

Is my lover coming back? The ultimate tarot spread!

As mentioned before on this blog: “Is my lover coming back?” is something I’m asked All. The. Time.

(So much that I even made a video titled ‘5 Ways to Make Your Lover Come Back’!) 

And hey, it’s easy enough to pick a card and say: “Oh yes, he is! Yay!” or “Oh no, she’s not. Sorry about that”…

But when someone asks if their lover is coming back, they don’t really want a simple yes or no.

They want to know what’s really going on with the other person and more importantly, how the other person feels about them!

So over the years, I’ve devised various spreads to answer the question “is my lover coming back?” and use them all occasionally.  But I’ve found there’s one super-simple spread that I return to all the time because it gives such great results – and this is what I present here.  😎 

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Is my lover coming back tarot spread

To demonstrate how this works, here’s a tarot reading I performed a while back with a client who shall remain nameless – oh all right then, let’s call her Claire.

And to be fair to Claire, she didn’t actually ask me if her boyfriend was coming back. Although he had gone AWOL at the time.

What she really wanted to know was what the hell was going on with him and where the relationship was headed – so I decided the “Is my lover coming back?” spread would work well in her situation. (It works remarkably well in a lot of situations!)

As this was a face to face reading, I let her shuffle and cut the cards while thinking about her missing boyfriend and these are the cards that came up… 

Is Claire’s lover coming back?
Tarot spread

lover come back spread demonstration

Wow, at first glance, she appears to have some amazing cards and it would be easy to simply jump to the last card – Ten of Cups – which signals happy relationships and conclude ‘Hooray, everything’s gonna be rosy!’

But what’s really going on?

Let’s explore…

*Card 1.  How does Claire’s boyfriend feel about her?  Six of Wands.

As if he’s won a prize! He’s super proud of her – and himself, for bagging such a great catch and is cock-a-hoop about it. He also feels that he’s ‘punching above his weight’!


*Card 2.  How does Claire’s boyfriend feel about the relationship?  The Hanged Man.

Interesting. This is the only Major Arcana card in the reading, so it’s obviously of major importance – but despite feeling like the Six of Wands about her, Claire’s boyfriend appears to have put the relationship on hold!

He also feels he has to sacrifice something. And that either appears to be the relationship or else he has to sacrifice too much to be in the relationship.

Whatever the reason, just like the Hanged Man, her boyfriend considers the relationship as “suspended”.

{This turned out to be pretty accurate as he had apparently recently suffered a major health scare and was off work while he recovered}.


*Card 3.  What’s Claire’s boyfriend’s biggest challenge?  Three of Pentacles.

So he’s worried about his work.

Which looks like some kind of creative work where he’s viewed as an expert. And he could be being judged on his efforts.

He could also be worrying about losing his job.

{I discovered he has an extremely creative job in a fast-paced, cut-throat work environment which actually caused his health issue – and was desperate to get back there before he lost his job, but felt he was being tested and was under scrutiny!}


*Card 4.  So what’s the outcome?  Ten of Cups.

Deep joy!

This is the ‘happy ever after’ card.  Nuff said. 😍


* Another point of note:

With one card from the major arcana and three minor arcana cards – one wand, one pentacle and one cup – this reading is notably evenly-spread.

In fact, the only missing suit is the swords. But who wants swords (arguments and strife) in a love reading?

I take the lack of swords here to be an excellent omen!


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