One question I’m asked ALL THE TIME, is…

Will my lover come back ?

And although relationships usually end for good reason and looking back doesn’t often help…  

Sometimes there’s a grey area, where I see the lover in question is missing them and often WANTS to return, but a myriad of different reasons such as FEAR/ DISTANCE/ FAMILY or PEER PRESSURE is stopping them.


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So, if YOU are missing your ex,
here’s a video with

5 things you can do to make your lover come back.


That’s right. DON’T contact them at ALL (obviously) but more importantly….

The more you actually think about them, the more they will unconsciously FEEL your energy and without knowing why, feel PRESSURE when they think about you and be pushed away.

If you find it impossible not to think about them, then try number two…



And I mean ANYTHING in your life that makes you smile.

Maybe it’s success at work or your beloved pet, or a night out with your mates, or a walk in the park or a trip to the beach, or painting, writing or reading…
ANYTHING that keeps your spirits up and doesn’t make you sad.
As THEN, when your ex does think of you, they won’t feel any pressure. In fact, they will actually feel a vacuum – which will unnerve them a little, wondering what you’re up to!



You’ve heard this before of course.

It’s probably in every self-help book ever written.
But that’s because it’s TRUE!

If you want to make your lover come back, get HAPPY.
Find a group that does something you’re interested in… Learn a new skill or language… Get a dog to force you out on walks and meeting new people… Finally start that novel you’ve been talking about writing… ANYTHING.
As long as it makes you HAPPY.

Relationships work when two happy, aligned people fall in love with the happy, aligned inner being of each other, not out of need or because something is missing. 

(& also, like number 2, your ex will sense your lack of attention on him or her and find themselves unconsciously wondering what you’re up to!)



This is for those moments when you’ve tried everything, but still find yourself thinking about your ex.

So if you really want your lover to come back, you need to ONLY focus on the GOOD stuff about them.
(There must be some, right, or else why do you want them back?)

Because we attract into our lives exactly what it is we are ‘vibrating’ – basically the emotions we are feeling – that’s all we are, magnets!
So do you really want to attract pain and heartache and all their rubbish qualities back?
Of course you don’t.

And if you are ONLY focused on the good stuff about them, that’s ALL you will attract!!!

NOTE: This one may be too difficult for you without getting distracted or angry with how they hurt you before, so if that’s the case, MISS THIS STEP OUT – your happiness is too important!


Sounds obvious, but how many times have your well-meaning intentions ended up with you laying into your lover for being late, hurting you in the past, wearing a gross T-shirt or whatever…

If you really DO want to start again with your ex then you’re gonna have to be prepared to start afresh and LET GO of the past.

Otherwise, you’ll just attract the same relationship over again – and look how that ended up!

Remember your list of positive aspects?
Think about THOSE!!

Be happy, smile, flirt (this is a brand-new relationship remember!)

Your ex will be delighted and fascinated as well as taken a little off guard – as they were expecting insults and accusations. 😉

NOTE: I do NOT mean be a doormat!!!
If your ex is rude/abusive or unkind in any way, then get out fast – you do NOT want them back!

(Although doing NO.4 – writing a list of positive aspects about your ex – would actually be useful in this case…

because we carry the vibrations of each relationship into the next if we don’t clean them up

And this will help you create a wonderful new relationship with ALL the qualities you DO want, without the crap that you don’t!)

Need more in-depth info to make your lover come back?

Then here is the ultimate Tarot spread for asking if you and your ex are getting back together! (You’re welcome).


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