Why email Tarot readings cost more than readings via Skype

Why email Tarot readings cost more than readings via Skype

I’m often asked why email Tarot readings cost more than a reading via Skype.*

{When my Skype readings are available, of course – but that’s a whole other blog post!}

The short answer?

Email Tarot readings take six times as long.

Really?  Yes.  Often a whole day.


Let me explain.

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Why an email Tarot reading costs more than a reading via Skype. The short answer? An email Tarot reading costs more because it takes six times as long! Tarot Romance. #emailtarotreadings #tarotreadings #tarotcards

Why email Tarot readings cost more.

When I execute your email reading,

*after I’ve customized a Tarot spread especially for your question*

I create a sacred space… meditate… and throw the cards…

Then tune-into the reading to mine for gold.

But instead of voicing what I see, my objective is to get the insights and revelations down in print.

So I start by creating reams of handwritten scrawl.

(An incoherent torrent of consciousness!)

Then an hour or two later progress to my laptop and begin typing up the notes.

My intent’s to deliver an accurate reading that’s easy to grasp as well as entertaining.

Which means pruning my way through umpteen drafts until the end result is both colourful and concise.

The fact that I’m also a screenwriter is my Achilles’ heel, as the need to ‘cut the fat’ is deeply ingrained!


This typing + rewriting + editing stage takes 3 – 4 hours depending on the complexity of the Tarot reading, but creates an 

enlightening document – plus (hopefully) an enjoyable read. 

I also need to be certain I’ve properly answered your question.

So the ‘conclusion’ often gets a new rewrite to make sure!

Did I mention I’m a perfectionist?

And lastly, I let the reading steep.

why an email Tarot reading is more expensive than my other Tarot readings

Rather than immediately creating a pdf and emailing the report…

I leave it a while in case I gain new insights.

(Just to be positive that I’ve mined all the gold).  😀

*Read more about what happens during email Tarot readings here*.

Considering this entire process can take 6 hours to complete,

My email Tarot Readings for Love

are an absolute steal! 

Get email Tarot readings for love here.

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