The SANE way to read the Tarot cards for yourself

The SANE way to read the Tarot cards for yourself

How’s your head-space when you read the Tarot cards for yourself?

Do you read the tarot cards when you’re upset after a fight with your lover who’s just slammed out the door? (That’s when I used to read the Tarot cards lol – how d’ya think that worked out?)

And if you don’t get the cards you were hoping for, do you then pull card after card to “clarify” and end up even more confused than before?

Perhaps you do multiple readings on exactly the same topic? (We’ve all been there!) …And then interpret the reading the way you WANT it to be, so you may as well have not bothered to pick up the cards at all?

Or perhaps you hurriedly read the Tarot cards when you’re already late for work, hurling them down in haste on your unmade bed and then wonder why the reading doesn’t make any sense?

Well if any of these ring bells with you, let’s remedy that, shall we? Here are…

7 SANE steps to read the Tarot cards for yourself!

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The SANE way to read Tarot cards for yourself!

1. Create a sacred space. 

(A) In your physical environment.

Clear the clutter and make it inviting and special! This could be a decorated altar or just a table/desk/floor space or bed – or even a place in the garden or on the beach! Lay down a scarf/tablecloth/reading mat, light a candle, burn some incense, use crystals – whatever it takes to make you feel focused and “in the zone”. 😎

(B) In your mental environment.

Unplug the phone and other distractions. Breathe. Focus. And if you have time, meditating is a supersonic way to get into the right head-space!

(C) In your emotional/spiritual environment.

Do this even if you ignore all other suggestions!
You need to read the tarot cards when you are as peaceful and untroubled as possible. I understand you may have issues that are the reasons you are reading the cards in the first place but try to keep your troubled emotions at bay and read the tarot cards when you are feeling calm. I.e. Do not read the tarot cards after a screaming fight with your mate! 

2. Set your intention to the Universe.

It doesn’t have to be complex. I often say something like: “Today I am open to hearing the messages of the Universe through Tarot”. And sometimes I might add: “And I ask that I am guided to a reading full of truth, light and love”.


3. Nail down your question.

I wrote a whole blog about this:  What’s the most important aspect of a Tarot reading?
Decide on a clear question that you want the ask the Tarot and…


4. Choose the right Tarot spread.

Make sure you know (and let the Universe know) what spread you are about to use. I often have my spreads on laminated cards in front of me, or else label the spaces on my reading mat… You can use spreads out of books, from websites, (here are some of mine!) from friends, or make them up to suit the question.

Alternatively, you can throw a “no spread, spread” which is any number of cards (but best to use only 2 – 3 cards with this method) and allow the cards to shed light on your question.

5. Shuffle the cards.

…While concentrating on your question. (I usually say it out loud). Cut the cards whichever way feels best for you and throw (lay down) the cards.

6. Interpret your reading.

Check the mix of major and minor cards, plus the suits, colours, re-occurring themes etc. Look at the pictures, describe what you see – what’s the story? How does it relate to the question?

Use your intuition to glean what the cards are telling you and answer your question – you can use my book to help. But most of all, have fun!

 Want help using your Tarot cards?

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7. Record your reading in your journal.

Write down and/or draw your readings, including your interpretations. Then come back and check a few weeks/months later and reflect on how the situation played out.

This way you will truly get to know your Tarot cards and more importantly, how the Tarot cards speak to you.
See: 5 Reasons to start a Tarot Journal.

And I happen to have some lovely journals, especially for this purpose! 😍

My Tarot Journals

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5 Reasons to start a Tarot Journal


And if you don’t like hard-backed journals,
I have spiral bound journals here! 120 pages. Available in a selection of ruled or graph pages. {With a handy document pocket inside the back cover!}

If you have any tips for reading the tarot cards for yourself, tell me via my contact form as my comments box has stopped working!!


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