My mission is to breathe fresh air into whatever's deflating your mojo.

By zooming into the truth of your higher self.

'Coz truth is a beautiful thing.

Or, to put it another way...

I give people with crappy love-lives the clarity they need to make their relationships better.

{Although it has to be said I’ve pursued other passions too.
If you’re interested, my personal Fool's journey is over here}.

“From the minute I connected with Ali I knew I was going to enjoy my tarot reading.

She was fun, positive and answered my question thoroughly,

with not only her knowledge of Tarot but with great intuitive insight”.

- Maria Deesy. New York.

So what about you?

I’m guessing you’re smart and reasonably sorted emotionally.

Though way too busy for ‘chakra-tuning’, right?

You're just feeling bummed about your (lack of a) love-life

Or your current relationship is driving you to despair

{Yippee, Love readings are my forte!
Six Winning Tarot Spreads for Love}.

But whatever it is, you've read enough self-help books.

When you've had time.

(Sometimes you've even finished them).

So you’re thinking if you can just find time for meditating.

Or writing your affirmations.

Or doing the exercises in that book you never finished…


I don’t have time for that either.

I mean, not for things that are a drag...

“Going right to the heart of my issue, Ali gave me a ton of information plus plenty of

positive insights to some of the toughest cards.

Fun, informative and empowering!”

- Elle Vevea, Colorado.

...Not that I’m saying meditation
or writing affirmations is
necessarily a drag.

Or won’t work.

(Most things work, if you DO them).

But, feeling “I ought to________.” (You fill in the blank).

And then not doing it…

Is a HUGE energy suck.

What I am saying, is:

If slowing down to meditate on your chakras just isn’t the way you roll…

You don’t have to!


Because I’m here to do it for you!


Hit me up with your questions…

(About your wayward lover/divorce proceedings, I don’t mind)

I’ll ask the tarot…

And you’ll immediately gain uncannily awesome, direct answers with which to gain
mastery over your life!



With fun thrown in for free.

“Ali is so much fun to work with! Her response was timely,
incredibly insightful and she

totally nailed my personality.”

- Jen Cartter, Texas.

And you’ll know the next steps you need to take...

Because I won’t leave you hanging.


I don’t have the patience for that.

So if you’re unhappy with the answers you get,

know the future isn’t set in stone.

We always have free will to alter a predicted outcome,

(should we so wish)

by making different decisions!

And I’ll always point you in the direction of your highest-good.

“Words fail to describe the time and care that you took to give me a life-changing

Tarot reading. I honestly feel mentally stronger now.

There was obviously a lot of dedication and heart that went into this undertaking

and you have helped me immensely.”

- Kyle Trudel. Ontario, Canada.

The down-side, is that I won’t pussy-foot around

by telling you stuff that you want to hear.

(Unless it’s in the cards, of course).

Because as far as I’m concerned, my clients are my friends.

But if you’re looking for answers and waffle-free wisdom

and are up for some fun in the process…

I think we’ll get along fine.

Just don’t ask me to meditate on your chakras.

You can book a reading with me here.

I'd love to hear from you.

But if it’s not what you’re looking for right now, that’s fine too.

We’re still friends. :-)

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