Welcome to Tarot Romance!

My name's Ali and I don't do dull.

Or cookie-cutter Tarot readings.

You are a magnificent, multifaceted individual.

A unique combination of concerns, dreams and desires.

That's why every reading you receive from me is tailored to YOUR specific brand of magic and what's important to YOU.


I believe we are all vibrational beings

and that you can manifest

anything you want

by becoming a vibrational match to your desires.

And my Tarot cards and Astrology charts

are magical tools to see how you

are currently vibrating.

“Words fail to describe the time and care that you took to give me a life-changing

Tarot reading. I honestly feel mentally stronger now.

There was obviously a lot of dedication and heart that went into this undertaking

and you have helped me immensely.”

- Kyle Trudel. Ontario, Canada.

My mission is to put the sparkle back into your life.

So if you're feeling bleak right now, go ahead and download some love...

Free Winning

❤️ Tarot Spreads for Love ❤️

Six Winning Tarot Spreads for Love

“Going right to the heart of my issue, Ali gave me a ton of information plus plenty of

positive insights to some of the toughest cards.

Fun, informative and empowering!”

- Elle Vevea, Colorado.

Who do I work with?

The lovers.

The dreamers.

The often misunderstood.

Crazy souls who don't fit into boxes.

(The people this world needs more of).

Am I a Pollyanna?

Most definitely.

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“Ali is so much fun to work with! Her response was timely,
incredibly insightful and she

totally nailed my personality.”

- Jen Cartter, Texas.

How did I get to be a miracle maker?

Not via the easy route!

Sure, I've always believed in magic and embraced my weirdness. And have been practising Tarot & Astrology for EVER.

But I guess I believed in struggle for a long time, too. I used to be attracted to the "complicated" and "difficult".
{Especially men, ha-ha}.

You can read my personal 'Fool's Journey' here.

So it's taken a while for me to realise that:

Life is meant to be easy!

And I want to help you realise that too.

Learn about my


Learn about my


And if you want a speedy way to read the Tarot cards for yourself,

I have a book for that right here:

The easiest way to learn Tarot!

“From the minute I connected with Ali I knew I was going to enjoy my tarot reading.

She was fun, positive and answered my question thoroughly,

with not only her knowledge of Tarot but with great intuitive insight”.

- Maria Deesy. New York.

Rest assured I won’t pussyfoot around

telling you stuff that I think you want to hear.

(Unless it’s in the cards, of course).

Because as far as I’m concerned, my clients are my friends.

But if you’re looking for answers and waffle-free wisdom,

I think we’ll get along fine.

I would love to hear from you.

But if it's not what you’re looking for right now, that’s fine too.

We’re still friends. 😍

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