5 Reasons You Need an Email Tarot Reading for Love

5 Reasons You Need an Email Tarot Reading for Love

I don’t care if you’re coupled-up, on the verge of divorce, single and hopeful or lonely and resentful – if you’re reading this, you need an email Tarot reading for love!

Why do you need an email Tarot reading for love?

I’ll give you 5 good reasons… 

5 Reasons you need an Email Tarot Reading for Love! Tarot Romance #love #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcards #astrology #2ofCups

1. You have split energy.

Which means you’re out of alignment with your inner being.
Because if you’re not dancing for joy about your love-life right now, (whether you’re in a relationship or not) your energy is split between sometimes feeling happy about conditions that you like and sometimes feeling unhappy about conditions you want to change.  So as you keep both sides of this conditional love active, the vibrations you are emitting are jangled and unclear.

And as the Universe can only match the vibrations you are emitting, all you can manifest right now are situations that mirror your split energy.

But nobody can be in alignment 100% of the time, can they?  Surely we all have split energy?

Precisely. 🙂 That’s why it’s the number one reason you need an email Tarot reading for love – to help you vibrate more consistently at the frequency of the love that you deserve.  Because the love you want will show up once you’re in alignment!

5 Reasons you need an Email Tarot Reading for Love today! Tarot Romance #love #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcards #astrology #6ofCups

2. You need to clean up your vibration before you mix it up with others.

You cannot control the feelings or actions of others. And ‘they’ can only mirror back to you what you believe about them… Because everything you experience is simply your perception.  What you call the “real world” is old news.  Old thoughts and vibrations that have already manifested.  And if you insist on keeping your eyes on “what is” then all you can hope to manifest is more of the same.

If, however, you want something new, your job is to take your attention OFF of so-called “reality” and to purposely vibrate at the frequency of what you want to attract. 

You do this by taking responsibility for your own (joyful) vibration at all times – and an email Tarot reading for love will show you how!

3. You’re not loving yourself enough.

Which means you’re not making feeling good your number one priority.  You are a powerful, infinite creator but instead of basking in your magnificence you’re wasting time noticing the things that you’re not pleased about.  And you can’t get to the happy relationship you want from there.  The LAW (because it is a law, just like the law of gravity) of Attraction ensures you get to happy from happy. [Which I explain in more detail HERE].

You have already created the fabulous relationship you seek on a vibrational level. (As you ask, it is given).  And now your ONLY job is to get on the same vibrational frequency so that it can’t help but manifest in the flesh!  And to love YOURSELF so much that you treat yourself well.

Because people love you exactly as much as you love you.  And an email Tarot reading for love will help you realise your awesomeness!

4. You’re trying to fill a void.

Which means you’re focusing on what’s missing.  You always have a choice about what you focus on, but over time you’ve got into the habit of believing you need to work on your problems in order to find a solution.  When the truth is you need to ignore them!  (LET THEM GO).  Focusing on what you don’t want just gives you more of what you don’t want.  (It’s that LAW again).  So the trick is to outwit your mind by deciding to only focus on the thoughts that feel good.

Thoughts that don’t feel good are not in alignment with your inner being.  But when you decide to choose thoughts that feel good, you come into alignment with you – and you no longer have a void.  Which means you don’t need another person to complete you.  (Which is the moment the perfect person will manifest!)  And an email Tarot reading for love will help you fill your own void.

5 Reasons you need an Email Tarot Reading for Love today! Tarot Romance #love #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcards #astrology #2ofCups

5. You will forget your reading if you don’t have it written down.

Because ‘real life’ will get in the way and ‘issues’ will occur that demand your attention and at that moment you will likely forget the lessons of the reading.  Then the tendency of your ego mind will be to slip back into lazy thinking and forget how powerful you are.

However, an email Tarot reading for love is a permanent record of your Tarot reading in a beautiful pdf.  A valuable reminder to keep you focused on the path to love. 😎

“I’m totally impressed with the clarity and insight received in my tarot reading from Alison.  I very much liked that in a deep and explicit manner, yet still down to earth and accessible, I had an exhaustive answer to my question.

This inspiring report is a precious tool for me to go back, look up and reference in the future.  A great help to keep me focused in my decision making and planning my objectives.”

PRAISE FOR TAROT ROMANCE - readings for love

Julia Do Om, London, UK.

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Why you need an email Tarot reading for love

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