5 simple steps to a rollicking Mercury Retrograde

5 simple steps to a rollicking Mercury Retrograde


How to rock this Mercury Retrograde LIKE A BOSS…


1. Don’t think about it.



It comes around three to four times a year for roughly three weeks at a time.

And the more you worry about it, the more you will be aware of any trouble.


Life’s too short!

(And most of your Mercury Retrograde stuff tends to * just kinda happen * anyway).



2. Focus on the positive.

Mercury Retrograde is a fabulous time for so many things.
(Just make sure they have a ‘RE’ in the title).

I.E. Repair, rewind, revamp, recharge, reschedule, refresh & RELAX!


This is the best ever time of the year to:


Go on holiday and recharge your batteries.

Repair items you’ve been meaning to get fixed.

Patch your jeans.

Re-organise your closet.

Re-paint the house.

Re-plan your garden.

Re-visit old friends & relatives.


Re-take exams.

Re-write your screenplay.

Go back to work for an ex-employer.

Re-negotiate contracts.

Remember to back-up your computer.

Give your partner another chance (maybe).

Have a massage.

Go on a meditation retreat.

Catch up with all those books you’ve been meaning to read. (Ditto the DVD box-sets).

Re-learn something you only skimmed over before.

Re-take your marriage vows.

Have a Tarot Reading to re-assess your direction.☺


Relax on a Mercury Retrograde



3. Avoid doing any of these:

Buying electrical items.

Buying presents.

Buying or selling on ebay.

Launching a new business.

Starting a new job (with a new employer).

Getting a brand new haircut.

Signing contracts.

Buying or selling a house.

Publishing a novel.

Sending important emails without re-writing (and checking addresses) a few hundred times first!

Expecting trains to run on time.

Opening the first night of a play or exhibition.

Forgetting to back-up your computer.

Acquiring a new pet.

Moving in with your partner.

Getting engaged.

Getting married.

Losing your sense of humour.



4. Give thanks.

That life is slowing down.

You now have time to catch up and breathe.


Unwind on Mercury Retrograde



5. RE-member

It only lasts three weeks!


How do you handle Mercury Retrogrades?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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