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When having a Tarot reading is like tossing a coin

When having a Tarot reading is like tossing a coin




Let’s say you have a dilemma. TOSSING A COIN

A decision you need to make.


Something making you uneasy and robbing you of sleep.


And let’s say, (purely to make a point) that

your dilemma is thus:


An acquaintance of the opposite sex has invited you to spend a weekend away with them – in New York or Paris, perhaps. (Let’s also say that you’re heterosexual).


And you?


You would love, love, LOVE to visit this exciting place!


But you also know your acquaintance is sweet on you.


And the attraction is not mutual.


Your acquaintance insists they are inviting you: “Just as a friend.”


But you’re not sure they really mean it.


So you’re torn.


What would you do?


Quite possibly,

getting a Tarot reading 

isn’t the first thing on your mind.



Or perhaps it is. Maybe you’ve been into this stuff for ever…

But on this occasion don’t feel like calling your reader.


So instead, you opt for that age-old stand-by of ‘tossing a coin’.


With ‘heads’ meaning: Yes, you go away with your acquaintance.


And ‘tails’ meaning: No, you don’t.


Having a Tarot reading is like tossing a coin
Heads I get drunk and feck-up my friendship…


You toss…


And the coin lands on heads: Yes, you go away with your acquaintance!


“Hmmm.” You murmur. “Best of three”.


And throw again…


Still heads.


“No!” You cry. “I don’t want to go!”




Right there.


You’ve just accessed your truth.


And your answer is crystal clear.


Which is quite similar to a Tarot reading.


As the cards always get to the truth.  😛 

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