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What’s LOVE gotta do with it?

What’s LOVE gotta do with it?

We all over estimate love.


We do!


I’m not saying that it doesn’t make the world go round, or a nicer place.


Or isn’t as important as the air we breathe.


But when it comes to relationships, I have to disagree with The Beatles, (shoot me) that it’s all you need.


Because it’s not.


‘Love’ is a pesky nuisance and the reason we suffer in bad relationships too long.


Don’t believe me?


What’s the number one reason everyone gives for sticking with partners from hell?


That’s right: 


What's LOVE gotta do with it



“But I love him/her.”




And you believe that love means putting up with someone who is selfish or unaffectionate, or lies or cheats, or is abusive or does nothing about their addiction or ______ (you fill in the blank)?


Of course you don’t.


You know that love is caring and kind and consistent.


Not just for the holidays.


So why do you really stay, when your partner’s behaviour is making you unhappy?


Oh, I get it.


You think the strength of the love between you will somehow give them the impetus to change?


Yes, that happens in films.


Love in the movies



But trust me on this one – real people rarely change.


Although I sadly have way too much personal experience of hoping that they will.


(And I’m the one with the wisdom of the cards).


So it’s taken me years to start trusting my own – rather awesome – advice.


Even though the cards have never lied.


But lucky for you, I’m now all about helping you find happiness too.


It really is my favourite thing to do.


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