What happens next – phone or Skype Tarot Reading


At the time of booking…

After you have purchased a phone or Skype Tarot reading by Paypal or debit/credit card, you will be taken to a short form for your main question and anything you feel I ought to know about your situation, so I can devise a tailor-made Tarot spread for you.
(The answers you get depend on the questions you ask, remember!)

Also your email address and (for Skype readings) your Skype account name.

[My Skype name is: ‘tarotromance’ and my phone number is on the form].

You may also send these details by email, if you experience problems with the form.


On receipt of the form I will email you to arrange a suitable date and time for your Tarot reading.



* For emergency readings, this will be ASAP and within 24 hours *



And then design a Tarot spread especially for your question.

*Please note: If your main question is a ‘YES/NO’ question – not recommended, see here! – I will re-word it slightly in order to extract the maximum information from our Tarot reading.


Just before your Tarot reading…

I will set up the spread I designed for your main question within a sacred space – and say a prayer to the universe.


During your Tarot reading…

I will tune into your energy while we concentrate on your question/s and shuffle the cards until you tell me to stop.

I will cut the cards and lay them in the pre-designed spread.

And while still meditating on your questions, start interpreting your reading.

After your Tarot reading…

You will have great insight into your situation and be feeling super confident and eager to surge ahead!




“Alison made me feel very comfortable with the decision I made based on her Tarot reading. Not only would I recommend her to other people but I would definitely book a reading with her in the future.”

Maria Deesy, New York.

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