How to survive Venus Retrograde! (Update for 2021/2022)

How to survive Venus Retrograde! (Update for 2021/2022)

*Since I’ve been re-thinking my thoughts around Retrogrades, I nearly didn’t post this – but Tarot Romance could hardly let a Venus Retrograde pass by without comment!  So here it is…with the suggestion of not to worry about it. 🙄  (As the more you focus on Venus being Retrograde, the more you will see the evidence!)


By Venus Retrograde, I mean that planet Venus is appearing to move backwards…and therefore s-l-o-w-i-n-g d-o-w-n the important stuff that Venus (+ Taurus & Libra) rule, such as beauty, money and love.

This happens roughly every eighteen months. (Thankfully not as often as Mercury Retrograde). And lasts for 40 days and 40 nights.  😛 

In 2021, Venus will dig in her pretty heels on December 19th then retrograde back through Capricorn until January 29th 2022.

That’s ages!




Let’s see how you can survive…


How to survive Venus Retrograde and make your life easier! Tarot Romance #love #venus #retrograde #planets #astrology #tarot



Do NOT get a brand new haircut or have cosmetic procedures or surgery at this time.

You’re bound to make unwise decisions you will later regret!



You’ll probably have the urge to buy some shiny things.

But you won’t be at your most practical, so do NOT make major or luxury purchases such as jewellery, cars, or houses.

You are likely to rupture your budget and overlook the small print that will leave you with expensive future troubles.

(This could, however, be the time to make a killing on ebay…..if you sell off the tat you bought on previous Retrogrades – you know, the stuff that nobody in their right mind would buy if Venus was Direct!)





If you meet someone when the planet of love’s on slow-down, they may appear to be more fabulous than they actually are.

So wait until after the Venus Retrograde period before making impulsive decisions.

Venus Retrograde is NOT the time to jump in like The Fool, declare undying love, move-in together or get engaged or married.

Which brings us to weddings – eek.

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This is traditionally the worst time ever to get wed.

So if you’re engaged and want to set a date, (and you haven’t managed to fit it in before November 17th  – the start of the pre-shadow period, when Venus starts to slow down in preparation for her Retrograde)…

You’d be wise to wait until after March 1st 2022.

(When we’re out of the post-shadow).


Already made plans?


Change ‘em.


Seriously, the state of the ‘planet of love’ is sooo important to your marriage (as well as the accompanying celebrations) that you want to cement your union when she is healthy and strong – not asleep!



Happily loved-up?

The good news is, if your relationship’s reasonably healthy it shouldn’t be affected.


How to stay calm on a Venus Retrograde


Although it is a time to re-evaluate stuff.

To work out what you really need to be happy.

Especially if you’ve been having problems.

Venus rules our values and when she’s moving backwards she wants to make sure we are truly aligned with our values and self-worth.


So you could re-visit old rows.


And it’s a great time to deal with any old buried ‘gunk’ that might be keeping you stuck in some way – and ultimately improve your relationship.


It’s also a good time to get out the photo album.

Venus Retrograde loves to reminisce and this could be quite a romantic time if you decide to re-visit the places or even countries that are special to you both and fill you with nostalgia.  🙂 


So is this a good time to get back with an ex?

Getting back with your ex on a Venus Retrograde


Well, this is a double-edged sword.


It’s quite common to bump into old flames or instigate a reunion at this time.

And when Venus is looking backwards, our past is infused with Venus’s rose-tinted specs.


But good idea?


You won’t really know until after the retrograde period and those glasses have come off!

But it is a good time to sort any ‘unfinished business’ and to find closure in past relationships in order to let them go.


So is this a good time to break up?

How to survive Venus Retrograde 2018 like a BOSS and make your life easier! Tarot Romance #love #venus #retrograde #planets #astrology #tarot


Not really.


As your heart won’t be seeing things clearly, you could make decisions that you later regret…

So wait until March 1st 2022 before finally pulling the plug!


Just remember

Venus Retrograde is not bad, just a time of evaluation.

After the retrograde period has passed, will be the time to take action on everything you’ve learned. 🙂


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