Questions to Ask the Tarot About Sex

Questions to Ask the Tarot About Sex

I’m rarely asked direct Tarot questions about sex – even when the “issue” is all about sex!

I guess we can all be coy about our carnal desires…

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Questions to ask the Tarot about sex

So my clients usually ask about their relationship or their latest crush or how the other person feels about them…

But when The Devil card keeps popping up (pun intended) especially when paired with the Ace of Wands/Rods(!) and/or The Lovers or Strength cards, it’s often a giveaway that sex is a big issue. 

Although The Devil card isn’t necessarily bad.  Sometimes it can depict an extremely healthy sex life!

Questions to Ask the Tarot About Sex

Questions to ask the Tarot about sex



One of the keywords of The Devil is ‘bondage’ – which can be destructive if we’re talking about bondage to an addiction such as drugs, alcohol, food or yes, sex, or of feeling trapped/in bondage to an unhealthy relationship…







…But ‘bondage’ in sexual terms can also be a fun and positively freeing pursuit between two people in a healthy relationship. (As long as you know the ‘safe word’ ha-ha).

Good Sex in Good Relationships

Our sex life is usually a good barometer of our relationships. 

And if you and your partner are enjoying a happy fulfilling sex life, then the chances are you’re also enjoying a happy relationship in general… But these people rarely come to me for a Tarot reading!

So what if you just want to spice things up a bit?

Or if you’re single and dating?

What questions could you ask the Tarot about sex?

Questions to ask the Tarot about sex in general:

  • What do I need to be sexually fulfilled?
  • What type of sexual partner would satisfy me?
  • What are my secret sexual desires?
  • What’s stopping me from fulfilling those desires?
  • How can I improve my sex life/spice up my sex life with my partner?

Keep an open mind and prepare to be surprised!

Good Sex in Bad Relationships

Of course, it is possible to be enjoying a wildly passionate sex life within an otherwise bad relationship – or with someone that we know is unhealthy for us in some way.

In these purely sexual relationships, the non-committal/imbalance or otherwise unsuitability (or even danger) of the relationship often serves to inflame our passion and desire.

And The Devil card always appears when we’re addicted to bad boys and girls!

So what could you ask the Tarot about sex in this situation?

Questions to ask the Tarot about sex in bad relationships:

  • What’s at the heart of my sexual desire (for my partner/crush)?
  • Why am I so addicted to this person?
  • What insecurities am I suppressing with sex?
  • What insecurities is my partner suppressing with sex?
  • How can I heal my insecurities?

(‘Cuz you can’t heal anyone else’s!)

Bad Sex in Good-ish Relationships

It’s possible for the sex to peter out if we start having problems in our once-happy romantic relationships.

Or to experience frustratingly rubbish sex in a relationship that on the surface appears to be happy and loving.

Obviously, there are deeper issues at stake here, of which sex is just a symptom…

And my clients don’t often mention their sex lives. (Until I ask!)

In which case, below is an extremely simple 3-card Tarot spread that I prepared earlier, see here: tarot-spreads-for-love/

Which isn’t (or at least it doesn’t have to be) directly about sex, but it may help get at the underlying issues…

Questions to ask the Tarot about sex in troubled relationships:

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Questions to ask the Tarot about sex*Note: If you suspect you’re in a toxic relationship, here is a good article (& 5-card Tarot spread) by Lisa Frideborg that may help.

Don’t get too heavy about this – remember, The Devil card is often just urging us to lighten up and have fun!

Want some Tarot spreads for love?

Have questions about love and sex that aren’t addressed here?

Perhaps you’re wondering about your ex?

Suspect your lover’s cheating?

Or lying about…(insert issue here)…? 

Well then, I got you covered, here!

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