Panic and the Seven of Cups

Panic and the Seven of Cups


I have to admit that sometimes my thoughts aren’t always positive.


I remember many years ago in my Tarot adventure, so eager was I to gain practice reading the cards, that I gave a ‘shout-out’ to a Tarot group I belonged to at the time…

That was met with a chorus of: “Fab idea! Let’s email each other questions!”

So I did.


I racked my brain to come up with questions for twenty fellow Tarot students, and fired them off.

And immediately had two replies – and two Tarot readings to do.




I constructed spreads to suit the questions, sent out a prayer to the universe….and got to work.

And two fellow students did the same.


We quickly exchanged impressive readings.

And then…




Panic and the Seven of Cups


Where were all my other comrades keen to exchange readings?

I had cleared my weekend in preparation for the deluge!


But however many times I refreshed my email…




So what did I do?




The weekend swirled by in a blur of anxiety, with questions of my self-worth spiralling out of control until I had denigrated my ability as a Tarot reader to zilch.


And in an effort to find some calm, I pulled a Tarot card for myself:


The Seven of Cups.


Seven of cups


And really panicked.


What did this mean?


The Seven of Cups…..choices, too many choices……dissipated focus……wasting time on daydreams…….turning fantasies into reality……. seeing things from a new perspective……changing our way of viewing things…




That light-bulb moment.


What had I been focusing on?




That people were not emailing me with their questions.

That I wasn’t getting practice.

That I had wasted a whole weekend.


And the universe was responding beautifully to my vibrations.


But I needed practice!






You know what? I had exchanged two readings.


And that was awesome.




From there it was just a hop, skip and a jump to a whole slew of life-affirming thoughts.
And oh boy, what a beautiful day it is out there today.


I hadn’t even noticed the sun was shining.


And my phone rang.


A friend wanted a Tarot reading.


What a wonderful world.


How do you stay focused on the positive?  Let me know in the comments below!


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