My Fool’s Journey. (The yadda yadda version).


I was a theatrical actress for twelve years,
as well as half of a double-act on London’s comedy circuit.

(Though I’m still crap at telling jokes).

And have been practising the fool
(and astrology & tarot)
ever since.


I’ve also worked as a chicken keeper in Bethlehem,
dish-washer in Tel Aviv, a bricklayer in St. Tropez,
nightclub dancer in Milan, a barmaid all over the world
and searched for crocodiles on the Amazon in Peru.


Back home I’ve been an aerobics instructor, trained as a football
coach, (what was I thinking??) And run a music venue.


Then following my own experiences of
homelessness in London, Florence and Rome,
set up and run (and read tarot cards at)

an Eco-Village with the direct-action group: The Land Is Ours.


9-pentacles-tipped-right copy


This sun and wind-powered wonderland helped homeless people
build their own homes, grow vegetables and gardens
and manifest an urban, eco-friendly Shangri-La.


Until the police burnt down our houses
in a dawn eviction and Utopia was done.



And I worked with
London’s homeless community
for sixteen roller-coaster years,
mentoring addicts/alcoholics
and those with mental health issues.



Which inspired me to write film scripts.


Leading me to set up and run the:
Fabulous Creative Writing Group
as therapy for impassioned scribes.



While at the same time creating birth-charts
for every member of my growing tribe.


And continuing my obsession with Tarot.



But my life hasn’t been all jokes.


I used to have an eating disorder.


And take too many drugs.


And once had an abusive partner who would have killed me,
if it wasn’t for the angel who summoned the police on seeing me
dragged by my hair through a housing estate, stark naked.



I’ve been to my share of dark places is all I’m trying to say.

But by putting my faith in the universe…

Found my way back to the Sun.



And now my life is all about spreading sunshine.


By helping you make the best decisions aligned with your highest-self. 



The Star-min


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