Be careful what you wish for with the Ten of Wands

Be careful what you wish for with the Ten of Wands


What’s the deal with the Ten of Wands?


With the angst it causes if it turns up in your Tarot readings? (In mine, anyway).


I guess the picture doesn’t look much fun.


Ten of wands


This chap is trudging a load of wands, perhaps to the market place in the distance…


(In The Rider-Waite Tarot deck, he’s so weighed down that he can hardly walk).


So my initial reaction is usually:


“Oh no, here comes hard work and burdens to carry.”


Even though I’m aware that ten is the number of completion and new beginnings, often coupled with success…


The picture doesn’t fill me with joy!


Probably because it implies “responsibility”.

And I gleaned a real understanding of this recently, during a personal Ten of Wands moment:


When out of the blue, I discovered I’d won first prize in a screenwriting competition.


Something I’d striven for desperately over the years.


And here was I, not ‘runner up’ or in the ‘final twenty’ – but had actually won first prize, god dammit!


So, obviously I was elated.


Be careful what you wish for with the Ten of Wands - success has a price


For about three minutes.


That’s right, it took less than five minutes for my elation to turn into stress:


“But I don’t have time to write scripts now that I’m building my Tarot empire 😉 ….and they’ll probably call me to meetings and want heaps of rewrites….and what if my rewrites are rubbish….and I’m terrified of publicity interviews….”


On and on it went.


And I wish I had some light-bulb moment to relay here, but the truth is I finally decided to chill the hell out – helped by lots of wine.


But it did give me new insight into the Ten of Wands.


Success has a price!


Be careful what you wish for with the Ten of Wands


Which of course I knew in theory – I’d written that in my
Tarot card meanings – but now I really got it.


And realized it wasn’t sooo bad.


It’s up to us how we decide to view our “responsibilities”.


And all about our perspective.


Where have you lost all perspective?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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