5 Mercury Retrograde delights that tend to *just kinda happen*

5 Mercury Retrograde delights that tend to *just kinda happen*

Here we go again – Mercury Retrograde sucks, right?

Not always.

As we discussed here, it has it’s pros as well as cons.

But the truth is, you don’t really need a list of ‘What to do/what not to do on a Mercury Retrograde’, because your personal Mercury Retrograde stuff will most likely *just happen* anyway.

Whether you notice or not.


Mercury Retrograde delights

For example:

You may not be consciously thinking about the ‘re’ aspect of Mercury Retrograde, but


   1. You *just happen* to re-connect with an old friend/lover you haven’t seen in ten years. Or… 


   2. You *just happen* to re-discover your passion for a hobby/sport/subject you abandoned years ago – and join a class. 


   3. You *just happen* to find yourself cleaning out your closets/work space and re-organizing your stuff. 


   4.  You *just happen* to re-make or re-schedule an appointment. (BORING – but the good news is, what feels like a drag will  usually turn out to have hidden benefits. 🙂 ) 


   5. You *just happen* to impulsively take a holiday/break to re-charge. (My favourite). 

These are just five off the top of my head. There are obviously heaps more….

What have YOU found yourself *just happening* to re___[fill in the blank]__do during a Mercury Retrograde?

Lemme know in the comments!

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